• David McSween Launches New Website - McSween.art

by David Latham McSween May 14, 2019

DATELINE: May 14, 2019


Today artist David McSween launched a new website featuring his artwork - www.mcsween.art - and he invites his current and future collectors to visit the site. Visitors are able to purchase original artwork and fine art prints. The prints are available in a number of options but are limited to editions of 150 copies.

McSween, a professional artist, has been working on this new site for months leading up to this launch and is excited to share his work with the world in a new way. David decided to start selling his work directly to collectors late in 2018, little did he know that it would take almost six months to complete all the steps in launching the website. 

"What I realized a few months into the process is that I was launching a business more than a website," said McSween,"and hopefully, I'm also starting a new phase in my career."

David recieved his Bachelors in Fine Art with a major in Painting from MICA (Maryland Institue College of Art) in Baltimore in 2003 but did not pursue his painting career until five years ago when he rediscovered his love of painting when he painted alongside artist Mark Heid, another Lewisburg artist. 

"I had just painted what I felt at the time was one of my best paintings and I realised that I still had it - that creative spark - that I could still do paintings that I loved, before that I felt I was a goner and I'd never really paint again." McSween said as he reflected on the series of events that had led to this moment. "I'm very grateful I found my love of painting and drawing again, it's like I've recovered a part of myself I'd lost."

David plans on updating the site with new work on a regular basis. You can follow his work and get the latest updates from his studio by signing up on his new website or following him on Facebook or Instagram.


McSween Art, LLC

530 Matlack Ave

Lewisburg, PA 17837

David Latham McSween
David Latham McSween


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How It Works

Important Information And Purchasing Details

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS | The term "limited" applies to fine art prints that are created in limited quantities. The lower the number of copies, the higher the value will be. I've chosen to limit my prints to editions of 150 because I can offer them at a good value but not over-saturate the market with my pieces. If a print is not available at the size you're looking for, then consider options like buying a different size of the same piece, waiting for a new similar size print to be released, or commission a painting similar to the one you're interested in. 

PRINT SIZES | The majority of limited edition prints on my website are sized based on standard popular frame sizes. I recommend framing your prints with a matte and these sizes allow you to purchase standard frames with pre-cut mattes that can be found at most framing retailers. If you have questions or concerns about framing, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. Please see the table below for examples of what frame size to buy for my most common print sizes:

 PRINT SIZE FRAME SIZE (with precut matte)
8"x10" 11"x14"
11"x14" 16"x20"
16"x20" 18"x24"

PRINT AND ARTWORK PRICING | I price my work using several different factors which include but aren't limited to the size of the piece, the time and materials used, what comparable artworks have sold for, changes in the market, an increase in notoriety, and my subjective valuation of the piece. Please refer to the 2019 pricing tiers below more information:


PRINT SIZE 2019 PRICING (before sales tax) w/SHIPPING (estimated, before sales tax)
5"x7 $15.00 $30.00
6"x9" $16.00 $31.00
8"x10" $18.00 $33.00
9"x12" $24.00 $39.00
11"x14" $36.00 $51.00
16"x20" $76.00 $91.00


Small The longest edge is smaller than 10" $225 - $250
Medium The longest edge is smaller than 20" $375 - $400
Large The longest edge is smaller than 36" $550 - $600
Extra Large The longest edge is larger than 36" $1,110 - $1,200


Small The longest edge is smaller than 10" $100 - $125
Medium The longest edge is smaller than 20" $150 - $175
Large The longest edge is smaller than 36" $175 - $200
Extra Large The longest edge is larger than 36" $600 - $675

PRINT QUALITY | I've sampled dozens of different print manufacturers, and I believe I've found the premiere printer to partner with in making my limited edition prints. My printing partner has decades of experience printing high-quality fine art prints. Their company does not print merchandise or promotional products, and they're focused on delivering the highest quality prints for collectors and galleries who want archival museum level prints for their walls.

A PRINT VS. AN ORIGINAL |  A great deal of time and effort goes into preparing artwork to be processed for printing, but a print will never have the same value depth and color saturation as the original. Some artworks may be adjusted to ensure the best print quality possible, so minor differences will be apparent in a strict comparison to the original. You can be assured that the print you receive is approved personally by me as the best representation of the original in printed form. If you are not happy with your print or have questions about its quality, please contact me using the form on the Contact page or email orders@mcsween.art.

SHIPPING | The cost to ship originals and prints is calculated at checkout, and so it varies depending on what you're purchasing and where it's going to go. The price you are charged includes the shipping materials and handling. If you have any questions or concerns with shipping, please contact me using the form on the Contact page or by sending an email with your question and contact information to orders@mcsween.art